Co-creation and co-design

Our guiding principles are cooperation and co-creation to meet the needs of users, making the organization successful and lead the competition. 

Through connecting different elements and stakeholders we achieve results faster, better, with minimal costs.
Our “made to measure methodologies”, based on user-centred focus, design thinking, service design and co-design help to find the best solutions for your clients needs.

We believe a project will only be successful if all stakeholders participate collectively.

Co-creation and co-design
"Arelerstrooss 2025" - déi gréng, Stadt (2018)

We manage diversity, creativity and innovation collaboratively.


  • Increased motivation with reduced aversion against change
  • Increased impact of developed ideas/projects
  • Efficient results and reduced costs
  • Increased community/team building

What we do

  • Workshops: methodology, set-up and organization, always in a co-creation approach
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Ideas generation & analysis
  • Prioritization
  • Project management
  • Synthesis of the outcomes and an advisory report (recommendations and concrete action plan)
  • Accompaniment of implementation 

Design Thinking method

This method is often the basis for our creative approach:

  • Creative tools to address a vast range of (complex) challenges, to break down the problem
  • Better understanding of the needs of the users/clients – empathy
  • Getting closer to current or potential users
  • Bringing multidisciplinary teams together and different stakeholders -> Co-Creation
  • Upgrading within constraints
  • Getting visual – a picture paints a thousand words…
  • Test viability by rapid prototyping – reduced risk for implementation (fewer costs) 

Clients we worked with: