In the era of political 180 degrees turn-arounds, apparently unstoppable wars, resulting migrations and the passing away of much-loved artists… sadly today again, many people are happy to see the end of 2016. I am lucky to offer a more sunnier view. This was a year where I had the chance to be independent again, open my wings and see if I could manage to stay in the air. Indeed I worked on the Créathon, an important strategic part for the Luxembourg Nation Branding. It resulted in a beautiful, strong and long lasting “Signature” for the country. The Fonds Kirchberg gave me the opportunity to reflect on how Creative Industries could help to the quality of life in the plateau’s districts. Helping IMS Luxembourg to develop sustainable quality of life in Industry & Activity zones is a bumpy road and therefor an exiting challenge. And couple of interventions I did: Design Thinking workshops and lectures about “What design can bring for Circular Economy” and “Design as important added value to business”.

But also very fulfilling is my teaching, or better, working together with young people and show what design can do in a practical manner by confronting them with real life problems.

I wish I could share

Creativity in Luxembourg

Most exciting however, and still ongoing, is my involvement in the development of the new Creative Industries Cluster Luxembourg. It has been since the beginning when I started my career as a young designer, that acknowledgement and support of the creative actors in Luxembourg did not exist. Now, 25 years on, this has fundamentally changed. Luxembourg has multi facetted creatives that also are entrepreneurs that contribute to society. The soon to become operational cluster will leverage this industry.

Thank you

Big thank you to all I’ve had the chance to work with and gave me all the trust. I am proud of the lovely clients I enjoy working with, but not without a great team of partners who help to make it happen. Let’s look forward to 2017 and see what great things it brings.

I wish I could share