Project Description


Creative work table from cardboard. This table is meant for creative work and activities and will wear off quickly. Traces of the work on the table will remain and therefore contribute to the creative “energy” that was created on it. You can compare it with the workshop of an artist. The remains of paint and materials create an atmosphere that stimulates creativity and contributes to the identity.

The used top can be easily replaced by a new sheet of cardboard. Cardboard pallets function as support and are tightened by glass fibre cords.

The idea is that the ephemeral aspect will make the user free to be creative and not be limited by the constrains of the delicate environment. Nowadays much furniture is designed for longevity. We think that this “temporary furniture” can dynamically contribute and encourage creativity.

The lightweight and simplicity facilitate transport and mounting.

The tables were used as workshop-tables for the Week of Creativity & Innovation in Luxembourg in 2009.

Production is done by défi-job Jailbird – An association for social inclusion and integration of Luxembourg prisoners.

Design: Jan Glas