Project Description

New services, new premises, new collaborations -
Workshop for Centre Formida

Since 2013, the Arcus association has been working on the topic of creative recycling. It was assisted by international educational staff and has developed network of local industrial companies around these activities. As a next step in 2017, Arcus and the Luxembourg Ministry of Education agreed to start a new educational project for children, young people and adults in Esch-Alzette – a training Center Formida – on the topics of creativity, aesthetics, participation and social skills in the direct context of the circular economy. 

Embedding a new structure with existing activities

How to make sure the new structure is well integrated and linked with existing Arcus services and is functioning well? What are the requirements for it? How should branding and communication work? Are there obstacles and reservations? How can you solve them?

In order to answer these questions, to analyze different aspects and to develop an efficient strategy for the Centre Formida, organized and facilitated a one-day workshop with the Arcus team. Through a collaborative process, we helped the participants to develop a vision of the new centre, to analyze the stakeholders and their needs, to develop solutions, implementation strategy and guidelines, including SWOT analysis and measures of success. A very open and constructive discussion showed good ambience between staff and positive attitude towards the new Center Formida.

And now?

Following the workshop, the Arcus team received a synthesis of all the ideas and solutions that have been worked out. We also provided a set of recommendations on the priorities to focus in different phases of the new project, communication and management strategies, and ideas for the valorization of the new centre.

Multiple recommendations have been implemented and some are still in development.

More about the Centre Formida

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