Sustainable urban development & transformation

Our work includes the analysis and research methods that contribute in the evidence-based urban strategies and innovation.

We strive for an integrated and inclusive urban planning where diverse voices are heard and translated into concrete solutions.

We provide impartial advice about the existing and future needs in order to help ultimately improve policies and their implementation. 

This approach is key to developing habitat of value – in the sense of quality of life, but also in the sense of increased worth (€).

Through design and co-creation, we help to transform urban environment into successful and vibrant places to live.

Sustainable urban development & transformation
Inspecting the site and
knowledge transfer at Mansfeld-Park

Among the values we help to create

  • Innovative approaches to urban development
  • lively mixed-use urban neighbourhood
  • well-connected, informed, inspired and activated neighbourhood 
  • A full assessment of the area’s cultural and human resources & stakeholder’s needs
  • Interdisciplinary approach to urban planning & development
  • Appropriate (public-private) partnerships and local management frameworks
  • Maximizing societal impact
  • Positive attitude of citizens & feeling of belonging… 

Clients we worked with: